Singing is good for you!

Singing helps us to relax and reduces stress. It’s a great work out for our heart and lungs and releases endorphins that make us feel energised and happy. Human connection is also a good thing, so regardless of the sound we make, just being in the company of others and having a laugh, will help to make us feel great.

Everyone can sing. Only 2% of the population are tone deaf. Most of us just need practice. Singing as part of a group is a great way to gain confidence and skills. There is no right or wrong way to sing at Singalicious. 

Singing is in our nature!


All human cultures across the globe sing in some form. Just as the birds sing in springtime, humans were made to sing. At Singalicious when we sing if we get it right it feels great, and if we stuff it up, we just laugh it off and try something new instead.

If you are not used to singing regularly, then singing for any length of time can be surprisingly hard work. Our workshops run for 1.5 hours with a good section devoted to warming up our bodies, brains, lungs and vocal chords. The experience should be relaxing and enjoyable and voices shouldn’t feel strained or tired afterwards. We will play around with scales, echo songs, action songs, rounds and harmonies and will explore a variety of musical genres. We don’t use music to accompany us, nor do we read music. Whatever happens, has to happen organically.

Each workshop finishes with a warm cup of tea from the flask, as this is a great way to soothe vocal muscles that have been working hard. We don’t take any photographs or recordings so that everyone can feel relaxed.

Due to COVID19 our workshops are not currently running. The short videos below will give you some songs to try out at home with your family or friends. 

For further information please contact Ailsa.

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