My name is Ailsa Villegas and I have been performing as a professional singer for the past 25 years. I also work in Health Development and have combined my skills and knowledge to create ‘Singalicious’ Fun filled sing workshops aimed at improving our health and wellbeing…

Singing is good for you!

Singing helps us to relax and reduces stress. It’s a great work out for our heart and lungs and releases endorphins that make us feel energised and happy.

Everyone can sing. Only 2% of the population are tone deaf. Most of us just need practice. Singing as part of a group is a great way to gain confidence and skills. There is no right or wrong way to sing at Singalicious. 

Singing is in our nature!

All human cultures across the globe sing in some form. Just as the birds sing in springtime, humans were made to sing. Singing is about the action not the end product. It should be something you enjoy doing even if alone in the shower. Not everyone will wish to join a group environment and thats fine. You may find some of our online exercises and songs of value.

Sing workshops

If you are not used to singing regularly, then singing for any length of time can be surprisingly hard work. The experience should be relaxing and enjoyable and voices shouldn’t feel strained or tired afterwards. We will play around with scales, echo songs, action songs, rounds and harmonies and will explore a variety of musical genres. We don’t use music to accompany us, nor do we read music.

Workshop numbers are limited in size, recognising that for some of us (myself included) large group sizes can be intimidating and also allowing for plenty of space. Where weather allows, some workshops will take place outside to reap the additional benefits of being in nature.

I try to keep my workshops affordable and accessible. I will aim to use venues with disabled access and seats . If cash is a bit tight drop me a line and we can work out a concession. For enquiries and to book a place please contact me.

You can learn a little bit more about my ethos below:

Each workshop finishes with a cup of tea, as this is a great way to soothe vocal muscles that have been working hard. We don’t take any photographs or recordings so that everyone can feel relaxed.

I’ve created some exercises and short videos that you can also follow from home in the following pages:

Vocal Warm Up’s

Breathing Exercises

Easy Songs to Sing

Family Songs/Group Songs

If you are looking for more materials to assist in promoting health through singing, NHS Highland are currently working with a Glasgow based charity called the Cheyne Gang. They offer free weekly activities and breathing exercises online.

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